Our Mission

To exceed customer expectations by providing superior service and prompt settlement of claims.

Our Vision

To be the preferred motor insurance provider in Kenya and the wider East Africa region.

BimaTap Terms & Conditions

I/We the above named Proposer declare that:

  • The information I/We have provided above is correct and factual.

  • I/We have disclosed all the material facts of the insurance risk involved for the above said motor vehicle.

  • The vehicle shall be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only.

  • The vehicle shall always be of sound mechanical and roadworthy condition.

  • The vehicle has complied with all current laws, rules and regulations imposed by the Traffic Act.

  • If the declarations given are found to be inaccurate or the information provided is found to be inaccurate then I/we will indemnify the company against any loss the company may incur out of the issuing of the insurance policy from this proposal.

  • The cover provided covers:

  • - Death or Bodily injury to any person excluding the members of the insured’s household or same household as any person claiming be indemnified.

    - Damage to Property

    - Indemnity to legal representatives following the death of any person covered under this policy, we will indemnify that person’s legal representatives for Liability covered under this section provided such legal representatives comply with all the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • In the event of an accident:

  • - Do not admit liability

    - Notify the Insurance Company immediately and in any event not later than 14 days.

  • It is agreed and understood that there will be No Refund of premium on purchase of Bima Tap.

  • It is agreed and understood that the Insured will procure BimaTap cover using their registered Safaricom Mpesa Number.

For assistance, contact our Customer Care team on 0711-030140 and/or 0711-030105 or email us at bimatap@directline.co.ke.