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This is an all in one comprehensive cover, integrated and designed for clients who handle large volumes of moving stocks like distributors, wholesalers and huge retailers like supermarkets to indemnify them from fire, burglary and transit risks.


  1. Loss or damage by theft or pilferage or any attempt threat with the connivance of the insured or any employee (or sub-contractor) or servant of the insured whether involved as a principal or accessory.
  2. Loss or damage due to wear and tear of moths and vermin or due to depreciation or deterioration not arising from the consequences of the fire accidental damage.
  3. Any consequential or indirect loss including loss of market.
  4. Loss or damage to deed, bonds, bill of exchange, promissory notes, money securities for money stamps, documents of the title to property, precious stones or jeweller.
  5. Excesses or deductible under the policy.

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