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This is a policy that covers the insured against death, permanent disablement, temporary disablement, medical expenses and funeral expenses following an accident. It is a frontline cover that can be broadened by several extensions such as artificial appliances and accidental dental & optical covers.
A proposer may take Personal Accident on the life of a wife/husband or business partner with whom they have insurable interest.


The risks are categorized by occupation to reflect the exposure:

Class I

Officers, Managers, Consultants, Clerical Staff i.e., those that are not involved in hazardous work or employment.

Class II

Waiters, Cooks, Chefs, Foremen, Pump Attendants, Messengers, Cleaners (not involved in outbuilding cleaning), Painters (not involved in outbuilding or ship painting) Domestic Servants (not stablemen), Gardeners, Shop Attendants, Private Drivers, Swimming Instructors. This is a hazardous occupation, which occasionally involves physical work and exposure.

Class III

Stablemen, Watchmen, Guards, Mechanics, Machine Operators, Unskilled Laborers of whatever occupation, horse and other animal Breeders and Trainers, truck and other commercial vehicle Drivers, Outbuilding Cleaners and Painters, Electricians (those that are involved in pylon wiring, etc.) Ship Builders, etc. Death and injuries suffered from Suicide or under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs except where prescribed by a registered medical practitioner are excluded.

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