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Money insurance provide coverage for money in transit to and from the bank, held in the premises (during and outside business hours), in the hands of authorized employees and directors as well as the value of safes and strongroom.

This is normally a frontline cover given on an “All Risks” basis and hence provides a wide cover including hold-up being the most common approach to theft of money.

This is a risky class of business because money the prime or ultimate target of crime because of its full face value and therefore measures such as good record keeping, use of safe and keys, daily banking, good banking procedures, use of cheques and plastic money etc. should be encouraged to minimize losses.


The following extensions are usually added into the money policies:

  • Cover for personal assault and injury.
  • Loss of personal property for the proposer’s employees or directors.
  • Dishonesty of employees provided it is discovered within a period of 7 working days.

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