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Burglary indemnifies the insured against Loss or damage to the property contained within the insured’s premises arising out of theft or an attempted theft involving forcible and violent entry or exit.

It will also indemnify for damage that may be caused to the arising from theft following upon an actual forcible and violent entry to or exit from or any attempt to a building for which the insured is responsible.

Burglary will also respond to theft where entry or exit was not necessarily violent or forcible provided there is evidence of hold-up.

This class must be written together with the fire business and not on its own.


The insurance does not cover theft as a result of entry using a duplicate/skeleton key, theft by employees, shop lifting, theft by anyone in the building lawfully, theft by employees or anyone related to the policyholder, trickery/fraud and goods not lawfully under the custody of the insured.

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