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The cover is given to commercial transporters who don’t own the goods but are legally responsible for their safety and good condition by virtual of being in possession of them for purposes of transportation from the point of pick-up to the pre-agreed destination.
Liability is, therefore, contractual and is determined by a court of law.

The policy indemnify the insured against all claims first made against the Insured during the Period of Insurance for which the Insured is legally liable to pay compensation arising out of or in connection with Damage connected with the business within the territorial limit.

Compensation shall include damages and claimants’ costs and expenses.

The policy excludes goods of a dangerous or extremely risky nature such as explosives, acids bullion, currency notes, Livestock Deed, bonds and securities, Jewellery and precious stones, antiques, moulds, patterns and designs, petroleum and LPG, perishable goods, etc. unless individual consideration and acceptance is done.

The policy will exclude damage or loss by Theft or pilferage by the insured’s employees, Moth, vermin, insect, damp, mildew or rust, Decay, deterioration and changes by natural causes and Theft from unattended vehicles overnight unless garaged or in approved security compound or park.

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